Eco Earth Market Sisal & Wood Pulp Sponge
Eco Earth Market Sisal & Wood Pulp Sponge
Eco Earth Market Sisal & Wood Pulp Sponge

Eco Earth Market Sisal & Wood Pulp Sponge

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The sisal and wood pulp sponge is one of the best eco-friendly dish cleaning sponges on the market. This plant-based sponge is strong and durable, and a much greener choice compared to traditional kitchen sponges.

Why should you make the switch?
Your traditional kitchen sponges are derived from virgin polyurethane, an oil-based plastic made from the burning of fossil fuels. On top of this they are then packaged in more virgin plastic! Bleach, assorted sulphates and a whole slew of nasty chemicals are also put into traditional sponges.The anti-bacterial properties of traditional sponges are also usually enhanced with harmful chemicals like triclosan, negatively affecting aquatic ecosystems when you throw them away, especially algae that other animals depend on. Triclosan has now been classed as a cancer-causing pesticide. These traditional sponges are very synthetic and toxic, releasing harmful microplastics and toxins into the water supply when you clean.

Why is the sisal and wood pulp sponge any better?
The sisal and wood pulp sponge is packaged in plastic-free packaging and the sponge itself is derived from natural and recycled materials.The scourer is made from a biodegradable viscose fibre, using recycled sisal fibres, a durable plant-based alternative to virgin polyurethane! This means that after its long life it can be composted, completely biodegrading within 6 months.

The manufacturing process of the sisal sponge is free from triclosan and other nasty chemicals, making the sponge much more environmentally friendly.

The sisal sponge can hold up to 10x its own weight in water. It is very long-lasting and durable, out-living many traditional kitchen sponges.

How to care for my sponge?
Rinse your sisal sponge with hot water after each use and leave it to air dry. This way it will always dry to a natural odour.